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Tea: A Coffee Drinker's Guide

Coffee drinker Dan Saladino investigates Britain's relationship with tea and finds out how our tastes have changed over 300 years. It poses a question, do we pay enough for tea?

Hardened coffee drinker Dan Saladino investigates tea's past, present and future and finds out how our preference for the leaf has changed over three centuries. He visits the location of Britain's first tea retailer, hears the adventures of legendary tea hunter John Fortune and visits the site of an auction house which oversaw 85 per cent of all global tea trade. In south west India we hear from a team of tea pluckers and get an insight into the skill and labour involved in producing tea. Do we pay enough for a cup of tea? It's a question Dan will develop in the second instalment of this tea story.

Presented by Dan Saladino and produced in Bristol.

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Presenter Dan Saladino


  • Sun 5 Mar 2017 12:32
  • Mon 6 Mar 2017 15:30

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