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Platform Capitalism

Laurie Taylor explores the origins, meaning and future of work that is managed via online platforms in the 'sharing economy'.

Platform Capitalism: How the most powerful tech companies of our time are revolutionising the global economy. Laurie Taylor talks to Nick Srnicek Lecturer in International Political Economy at City, University of London, and author of a new study which critically examines how companies ranging from Google, Amazon and Microsoft to Facebook, GE and Airbnb, are turning into platforms: businesses that provide the hardware and software foundation for others to operate on. This transformation in how companies operate offers new possibilities for consumers, but also represents an arguably troubling monopoly control over both distribution and production. How did Platform Capitalism originate, what are its merits - as well as its dangers - and does it have an infinite future? Ursula Huws, Professor of Labour and Globalisation at Hertfordshire School of Business and Andrew Leyshon, Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Nottingham, also join the discussion.

Producer: Jayne Egerton.

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28 minutes

Platform Capitalism



Professor Ursula Huws at the University of Hertfordshire

Professor Andrew Leyshon at the University of Nottingham

Dr. Nick Srnicek at City, University of London



Nick Srnicek, Platform Capitalism (Polity, 2016)

Paul Langley and Andrew Leyshon (2016) 'Platform capitalism: The intermediation and capitalisation of digital economic circulation'. Published as Early View, Finance and Society, 1-21 


  • Wed 22 Feb 2017 16:00
  • Mon 27 Feb 2017 00:15

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