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Phantom Uber journeys, Pay-per-bid auctions, Working with arthritis

Consumer news, presented by Winifred Robinson. Including the Uber users charged for taxi journeys they never made, pay-per-bid auctions and working with arthritis.

Uber has refunded users of its app who were charged for taxi journeys they never made. How did strangers manage to take cabs at their expense?

The BBC's Julian Worricker was diagnosed with arthritis in his 30s. In the first in a series of reports, he investigates how people with the debilitating condition can be helped to stay in work.

How far can we trust the claims made by pay-per-bid auction websites which offer great products at really cheap prices?

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Jon Douglas.

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  • Wealth Screening

    Charities are not asking permission from donors to screen for how much money they have

    Duration: 08:27

  • Working with Arthritis

    Julian Worricker on the arthritis he's had since his 30s - how can people stay in work?

    Duration: 10:23

  • Pay-per-bid Auctions

    How far can we trust claims made by websites which promise great savings?

    Duration: 04:32

  • Phantom Uber Journeys

    Some Uber users have told us they've been charged for cab journeys they never took.

    Duration: 04:37

  • Irish Champagne

    Champagne is back into the basket of goods the Irish will use to track inflation.

    Duration: 04:22

  • Pre-conrtact Deposits

    Some estate agents ask for deposits from buyers and keep the money when they shouldn't.

    Duration: 06:35

Arthritis and Work

The government wants to get more disabled people back to work, but how do you stop people dropping out to begin with? For people with a painful and debilitating condition like arthritis, holding down a job can be a challenge. There are a number of arthritis charities that offer advice and information:

Arthritis Care

Arthritis Research UK

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society






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How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

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