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What about EU subsidies?

As the UK prepares to begin leaving the EU, what are the key deals to be done? Chris is in Cornwall to find out if Brexit would mean the loss of half a billion pounds in subsidies.

Chris Morris takes a road trip through Cornwall to find out if Brexit would mean the loss of nearly half a billion pounds in subsidies, and if so, how the region would cope. Cornwall is one of the poorest areas in England and so qualifies for EU regional subsidies. Its people also voted overwhelmingly for Brexit. Chris meets a pasty maker who benefited from subsidies and voted to remain, while his friend, a dairy farmer, voted to leave. He asks voices from business, academia and local government what they expect when the EU subsidy programmes stop - and their view of the UK government's pledge to maintain similar funding levels till 2020.
Producers: Shabnam Grewal and Chris Bowlby
Researcher: Dearbhail Starr.

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