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BT Broadband, Pet wearables, Volunteers

What a fitness device for your dog could tell insurers - and are BT broadband speeds what they say they are?

Black boxes that monitor the way you drive are being used to bring insurance costs down for young drivers. Now one of the biggest names in insurance is trialling the use of similar technology as a way of offering some owners cheaper pet insurance. The idea is that you would fit a tracking device to your dog and your insurer could get a good idea of how fit and active you're keeping your pet. Will it work?

Broadband providers are pushing super-fast. When they sell it they promise big improvements in speeds. But what if you are sold an upgrade to super-fast and told it's available in your area, and then find it doesn't deliver? We investigate.

Millennials - the people born between 1981 and 2000 - are the first generation to earn less than the one that went before. That's the conclusion of research published today by the think tank the Resolution Foundation. We talk to the researcher who wrote the report.

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  • Millennial Earning

    Millennials are the first generation to earn less than the one who went before

    Duration: 04:21

  • Dog monitoring

    Canine wearables that can cut your insurance bill

    Duration: 07:39

  • Broadband

    BT customers say they're being sold packages that don't deliver promised broadband speeds

    Duration: 06:57

  • Energy Review

    Ofgem to review how it licenses new suppliers

    Duration: 04:35

  • Volunteering

    The volunteers taking up the slack of council cuts

    Duration: 07:06

  • Dark Patterns

    Web designers claim online retailers are increasingly using dark pattern sales techniques

    Duration: 07:00


  • Thu 9 Feb 2017 12:15

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