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Helen is on a mission, and a fallen tree causes chaos.

With Pat's car out of action, Kirsty offers to drop her home and grateful Pat accepts.

Helen returns from the house to an empty car and calls desperately for her boys. She locates soaked Henry in the yard. Piecing together what's happened, she tells Henry to quickly get back in the car.

After negotiating a fallen branch, Josh is nearly run off the road by a car coming the other way. When Rob arrives at the obstacle across the road he's frustrated and panicking, with an unsettled Jack on board. As he gets underway again he's intercepted by Helen, who blocks him in. In a fury, Helen demands Jack back, no amount of Rob's baiting will stop her. There's a struggle and Helen falls to the ground. At that moment, Pat and Kirsty arrive at the scene. Helen stops them calling the police. Instead she coolly informs Rob he has no plan, and that she knows why Justin fired him. How will he face the rest of the village when they know what he did?

As Rob crumbles in defeat, Helen instructs Pat to retrieve Jack, not allowing Rob to say anything else, but threatening to destroy him if he ever comes back to Ambridge. Back at Bridge Farm, the others insist on calling the police. Helen concedes but doesn't really care. All that matters to her is that Rob is now out of her life forever.

13 minutes

Last on

Fri 3 Feb 2017 19:00



Role Contributor
Writer Simon Frith
Director Kim Greengrass
Series Editor Huw Kennair-Jones
Ruth Archer Felicity Finch
Pip Archer Daisy Badger
Josh Archer Angus Imrie
Jolene Archer Buffy Davis
Pat Archer Patricia Gallimore
Tom Archer William Troughton
Jennifer Aldridge Angela Piper
Lilian Bellamy Sunny Ormonde
Susan Carter Charlotte Martin
Justin Elliott Simon Williams
Rex Fairbrother Nick Barber
Toby Fairbrother Rhys Bevan
Shula Hebden Lloyd Judy Bennett
Tracy Horrobin Susie Riddell
Anisha Jayakoday Anneika Rose
Alistair Lloyd Michael Lumsden
Kate Madikane Perdita Avery
Kirsty Miller Annabelle Dowler
Helen Titchener Louiza Patikas
Roy Tucker Ian Pepperell


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