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Crisis response chaplains help kidnapped seafarers; Archbishop Barry Morgan retires; Reaction to 'Shared Conversations'

A sailor captured by pirates explains how a crisis response chaplain helped his recovery. Archbishop Barry Morgan retires and reaction to the report on Shared Conversations.

On Friday the House of Bishops released a report saying the Church of England shouldn't change its teaching on marriage but recommending that it reviews other aspects of how it treats LGBTI+ clergy and laity. The Rev Rachel Mann is critical of elements of the report and gives Martin Bashir her reaction to it.

The Rev Peter Sanlon had threatened to create a 'partnership synod' if the Church 'watered down' traditional teaching on marriage and homosexuality. He tells Martin what he plans to do next in light of the report.

The Bishops of Manchester and Maidstone respond to criticism that the Church has come up with a 'don't ask, don't tell' solution.

As the Anglican Communion's longest-serving archbishop, Dr Barry Morgan, retires after 14 years as leader of the Church in Wales, he reflects on his time in office with Caroline Wyatt.

More seafarers were kidnapped at sea last year than over the past decade. The Sailors' Society has trained 20 chaplains to provide 24-hour crisis response for them and their families. Hazel Southam reports.

Jill Saward, who died earlier in January, was a formidable campaigner who inspired changes to legislation, policy and attitudes on rape. Her husband Gavin Drake talks to Martin about Jill, and what she meant to her family and those she supported.

The South London Liberal Synagogue in Streatham is trying to raise £50, 000 to convert a disused caretaker's flat in the building to accommodate a refugee family from Syria. Trevor Barnes reports.

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