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Tax simplification. It's complicated

Can technology help or hinder taxpayers? Plus a look at how the ATM industry works, high life insurance commission rates on some price comparison websites and unclaimed NI credits.

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What impact have recent efforts to simplify the UK's tax system had? To what extent will progress be helped or hindered by government plans to move HMRC to a fully digital tax system by 2020. Guests John Whiting, Director of the Office of Tax Simplification and Paul Aplin Tax Partner at AC Mole & Sons and Vice President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Many cash machines don't charge customers for withdrawing cash. This week it was announced that the Link network, whose members operate around 70,000 ATMs in the UK, are setting up a group to ensure they stay free to use. Currently the costs of operating the network are shared by members, some now want to reduce the fee they pay. Dominic Hirsch, Managing Director of RBR discusses the economics of the ATM industry.

Money Box has learned that some price comparison websites are claiming hundreds of pounds of commission on the sale of life insurance polices, even when they don't offer any advice. Why does happen and is there anything you can do to avoid it appearing on your policy? Guest Michael Ward from

Millions of carers have yet to claim credits which maintain their National Insurance records when they're unable to make contributions. The credits help to build up qualifying years, which count towards the entitlement for the basic state pension. Sarah Pennells founder of explains who else can apply and how.

Reporter: Tony Bonsignore
Presenter: Paul Lewis
Producer: Charmaine Cozier
Editor: Andrew Smith.

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  • Tax

    Tax is going digital, what does it mean for you?

    Duration: 07:17

  • Cash Machines

    Could more of them charge you to take out your own money?

    Duration: 04:00

  • Life Insurance

    Some life insurance comparison sites get hundreds of pounds even when advice isn't given.

    Duration: 07:38

  • National Insurance Credits

    Many carers are missing out on credits towards their state pension

    Duration: 03:55


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