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Women's marches, Deborah Lipstadt, How to slow down the ageing process

Nobel Prize winner Dr Elizabeth Blackburn on her discovery of Telomeres, the 'shoelaces', or protective caps at the end of chromosomes, which help to slow down the ageing process.

Women's Marches: We hear from women who took part in the US and the UK, in Washington, Barnstaple and Liverpool.

Professor Deborah Lipstadt was sued by the historian David Irving for calling him a holocaust denier. As a new film about the trial is released Deborah Lipstadt talks about why she think the judgment is even more relevant in our 'post-truth' times.

Writer Ali Land spent a decade working as a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nurse before writing her first novel, Good Me Bad Me, which is narrated by a teenager who struggles to break free of her dark family history after turning her mother - a serial killer - into the police.

Nobel prize winner Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, co-author of The Telomere Effect, has discovered Telomeres, the 'shoelaces' or protective caps at the end of chromosomes which help to slow down the ageing process. She talks to Jane about how she believes her discovery could help you to live longer and look younger.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Lucinda Montefiore.

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  • The Women’s March

    Duration: 09:09

  • Deborah Lipstadt

    Duration: 11:27

  • Ali Land – Good Me Bad Me

    Duration: 08:03

  • Having a Baby

    Duration: 06:43

  • The Telomere Effect

    Duration: 06:58


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Producer Lucinda Montefiore
Interviewed Guest Sarah Crofts
Interviewed Guest Kirsty Stonell Walker
Interviewed Guest Ali Land
Interviewed Guest Elizabeth Blackburn
Interviewed Guest Deborah Lipstadt


  • Mon 23 Jan 2017 10:00

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