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Halal Lamb

Rahil Sheikh meets Ruby and Lufti Radwan, raising halal organic lamb and poultry with their six children on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Ruby and Lufti Radwan have strong views about the way meat is produced in this country. They believe that any meat they sell from their Oxfordshire farm should come from animals raised, and slaughtered, with the utmost respect. As Muslims they want their meat to be Halal; 'lawful' or 'permissible', but they believe that the definition of Halal shouldn't just refer to the method of slaughter. They strongly promote the idea that Halal meat must have enjoyed a good life as well as a moment of death as prescribed in the Qur'an.

Rahil Sheikh meets the Radwan family and their sheep and poultry to hear more about the journey that took them from the world of academia to their muddy patch of the Cotswolds.

Producer: Rahil Sheikh.

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22 minutes