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Disabled bus access, Fantasy novels, Running or swimming to keep fit

The Supreme Court is poised to rule on a wheelchair users claim that bus companies must move passengers taking up disabled spaces. And, what books will you be reading in 2017 ?

A wheelchair user finds out if the highest court in the land has supported him in a dispute over how far bus companies must go to make space for wheelchairs.

Is it true that in turbulent times readers turn to fantasy novels? A book seller tells us what we'll be reading in 2017, while a fantasy author tells us why we should be reading more of it.

The little known cash pot that could help boost pensions for grandparents who look after children.

Running or swimming: Which is best to help you to get fit? We've advice from two Olympic medalists.

The clothing brand branching out to boost British clothing manufacturers.

Producer: Kevin Mousley
Presenter: Winifred Robinson.

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45 minutes


  • Disabled Bus Access

    Wheelchair user takes bus gripe to Supreme court.

    Duration: 04:16

  • Fantasy Novels

    What will we read in 2017 and how will the printed word fare in the market.

    Duration: 07:37

  • Community Clothing

    The new idea to support British clothes manufacturing.

    Duration: 06:49

  • National Insurance Credits for Grandparents

    A hundred thousand grandparents could be missing out on national insurance credits.

    Duration: 06:39

  • Running & Swimming

    Running is likely to overtake swimming as the Uk's no.1 participation sport this year.

    Duration: 07:28

  • Contactless

    Why is it possible to keep making contactless payments on a card recorded as lost/stolen?

    Duration: 05:27


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