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Sara Khan: The Battle within Islam

Tom Sutcliffe discusses what Islam means in the modern world. With Graeme Wood, Ziauddin Sardar, Sara Khan and Loretta Napoleoni.

On Start the Week Tom Sutcliffe discusses what Islam means in the modern world. Graeme Wood has spent his career getting to know Islamist fundamentalists to try to understand the apocalyptic ideology and theology at the heart of the so-called Islamic State. Sara Khan campaigns to reclaim her faith from extremism, while Ziauddin Sardar argues that Islam demands reason and critical inquiry from its believers. Loretta Napoleoni 'follows the money' to uncover the millions made by those exploiting the destabilisation of Syria and Iraq and the rise of ISIS.
Producer: Katy Hickman

Photo: Sara Khan Credit: Joe McGorty.

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43 minutes

Loretta Napoleoni

Loretta Napoleoni is a journalist, author and political analyst.

Merchants of Men: How Jihadists and ISIS Turned Kidnapping and Refugee Trafficking Into a Multi-Billion Dollar Business is published by Seven Stories Press.

Graeme Wood

Graeme Wood is a journalist, author and academic.

The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State is published by Random House.

Sara Khan

Sara Khan is a co-founder and director of Inspire, a non-governmental women’s rights and counter-extremism organisation.

The Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism is published by Saqi Books.

Ziauddin Sardar

Ziauddin Sardar is a writer, cultural critic and editor of Critical Muslim.


Role Contributor
Presenter Tom Sutcliffe
Interviewed Guest Graeme Wood
Interviewed Guest Ziauddin Sardar
Interviewed Guest Sara Khan
Interviewed Guest Loretta Napoleoni
Producer Katy Hickman