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Lord Snowdon, Graham Taylor, Jill Saward, Peter Sarstedt, Clare Hollingworth

Matthew Bannister on photographer Lord Snowdon, football manager Graham Taylor, sexual violence campaigner Jill Saward, musician Peter Sarstedt, war reporter Clare Hollingworth.

Matthew Bannister on

Lord Snowdon - renowned photographer and Princess Margaret's former husband.

Graham Taylor - the football manager who had success with Watford and Aston Villa, but was lampooned for his performance with England.

Jill Saward, the rape survivor who campaigned for the rights of those who suffer sexual violence.

The singer and songwriter Peter Sarsdedt, best known for the song "Where Do You Go To My Lovely?"

And Clare Hollingworth, the war reporter who broke the story of the Nazi invasion of Poland.

Producer: Neil George.

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Graham Taylor

Matthew spoke to sports broadcasters Pat Murphy and Mike Ingham.

Born 15 September 1944; died 12 January 2017 aged 72.

Lord Snowdon

Matthew spoke live to writer and broadcaster, Hugo Vickers.
Born 7 March 1930; died 13 January 2017 aged 86.

Jill Saward

Matthew spoke to her husband, Gavin Drake and to her friend Helen Austin.

Born 14 January 1965; died 5 January 2017 aged 51.

Peter Sarstedt

Last Word spoke to Ray Singer who produced Peter’s hit Where Do You Go To My Lovely.

Born 10 December 1941; died 8 January 2017 aged 75.

Clare Hollingworth

Born 10 October 1911; died 10 January 2017 aged 105.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Hugo Vickers
Interviewed Guest Pat Murphy
Interviewed Guest Gavin Drake
Interviewed Guest Helen Austin
Interviewed Guest Raymond Singer
Producer Neil George