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A short reflection and prayer with Tony Macaulay.

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Sat 7 Jan 2017 05:43


Good morning.. It’s the seventh day of 2017, which means we’ve reached a tipping point. Today you might find yourself fretting momentarily over the social acceptability of uttering three little words. We’re teetering on the cusp of the time when it’s no longer appropriate to say ‘Happy New Year’.

However as this is the first Saturday of 2017, it feels as if the umbilical cord from 2016 is not yet detached. So I’m going to venture a thought for the New Year. I’m neither a fortune teller nor a futurologist but I’m certain that 2017 will bring change. I will change. My family will change. My job may change. Technology will continue to transform as swiftly as a swipe on a digital screen.

It can be hard for my heart to keep up with the changes in my life.. I may feel helpless in the face of change. I might feel sad for the loss of the good old days. I can deny differences are really happening. I can fear change. I may feel angry about it. I may panic. On the other hand I can find the courage to resist negative change and the resilience to accept unavoidable change. Maya Angelou wrote,’ If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.’

On this first Saturday morning of 2017  I want to look forward with faith and hope in my heart for new beginnings and positive change.

Unchanging God, give us hope in our hearts to face the changes that lie ahead of us in this year; in your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.