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Disability benefit assessments, Face cream payment traps, Building costs

A benefits assessor tells You & Yours why she thinks people are wrongly turned down for disability claims; and how fake showbiz gossip can hook you into buying pricey face cream.

An assessor who interviewed people claiming the disability benefit Personal Independence Payment tells You & Yours why she thinks people are being wrongly turned down for payments.

We'll have the latest on Next's retail figures and what it means for other high street clothing shops in 2017.

The fake showbiz gossip stories about Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Diane Keaton that can hook you into paying monthly subscriptions for pricey face cream. The celebrities say they don't endorse these companies.

A new research paper concludes sugar-free fizzy drinks don't help you lose weight. Dr Anthony Laverty from Imperial College London's School of Public Health is one of the paper's authors and he talks to Winifred about the research.

If you're doing any building work in 2017, you'll pay more for basic materials. Is it just down the Brexit or are there other factors too?

And, difficulties in the cruise industry, with some smaller companies struggling and cancelling holidays at the last minute.

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    Artificially sweetened drinks don't help you lose weight and could even make you fatter.

    Duration: 03:59


    A former benefits assessor says they get more money if they quickly work through cases.

    Duration: 12:03

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    Next say sales in 2017 could be hit as rising inflation squeezes consumer spending.

    Duration: 03:22


    Companies are using fake celebrity news to sign you up for subscriptions to face cream.

    Duration: 08:08


    What might the rising prices of raw building materials mean for the building sector?

    Duration: 06:01


    Passengers left in limbo after a UK holiday company cancels cruises at the last minute.

    Duration: 05:37


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