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A short reflection and prayer with Andrea Rea.

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Mon 12 Dec 2016 05:43

Script, Andrea Rea, Monday December 12th 2016

Good morning.
I’m not going to tell you how many shopping days are left until Christmas, nor can I gloat about my own readiness.  In fact, I feel fairly strongly that being ‘prepared’ for things is highly overrated.  I’m more in the “muddling through” camp.  And sometimes, it’s simply impossible to be “prepared”.
I’m thinking now of a friend of mine.  Beth is strong and independent, ready for anything, and her mother, called by the Swedish name Mor-Mor, meaning ‘Mother’s mother’, was the same.  When Mor-Mor’s health failed, Beth prepared a suite of rooms in her own house for her mother to come and live. 
Beth devised ways of caring for her mother, organising meals and the day-to-day housework and eventually, a nurse to come in to help with bathing and medications.  Beth had looked into the options and was ready for what needed to happen.  
When Mor-Mor became virtually bedridden Beth was faced with an ever more taxing, ‘round the clock routine of care. The final stage began when Mor-Mor’s doctor advised hospice care – as a way to prepare her – and the family – for her death.  
The Hospice nurse made a number of visits and one day he asked her a weighted question: was there anything she wanted him to know?
After a long pause, she looked up and said, ‘well, Ireland are playing New Zealand in America tomorrow’.  Mor-Mor was a lifelong rugby fan, a fact which in that moment, outstripped any worries she might have had about her last hours on earth.  She died three days later.  Were we prepared for her death?  Not really, but we muddled through – and Ireland won that match, I like to think, for Mor-Mor.
Heavenly father, help us to know that, even when we feel utterly unprepared for life’s big and small adventures, you are there.  In your name, Amen.