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Build to rent, Luminous reindeer and AI

City funds preparing massive investment into build-to-rent homes, and are driverless cars really the future?

City investment funds are gearing up to build tens of thousands of home for rent .

Why Finnish reindeer have luminous antlers

New restaurant numbers up as chain eateries gobble up prime sites on the high street

Busy doing nothing; why we should all make time to be idle in winter.

Buying a phone is easy; getting it fixed when it breaks less so! What to do if your mobile needs fixing in a hurry.

Are driver-less cars really coming down the road or just a geek's pipe dream?

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  • Build to Rent

    If there was no risk of rent being hiked up, would you be so worried about buying a home?

    Duration: 07:24

  • Luminous Reindeer

    Herders in Finland have made their antlers glow in the dark to reduce the road accidents

    Duration: 04:44

  • Eating Out

    Eating out's never been so popular; what does it take to survive in the restaurant game?

    Duration: 05:15

  • Consumer Dormancy

    While some may be joining queues at the sales, Geoff Bird is turning his back on them

    Duration: 08:14

  • Google Phones

    Would do you need to do if your Google phone needs a repair?

    Duration: 05:14

  • AI

    Could 2017 see a proliferation of robots?

    Duration: 08:32


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