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Men and Violence - Stag Parties

Men, masculinities and violence. Why do some men value physical violence as a resource? Also stag parties, deviance and consumerism.

Men, Masculinities and Violence. Laurie Taylor talks to Anthony Ellis, lecturer in Criminology and Sociology at the University of Salford, about his ethnographic study conducted with men involved in serious crime and violence over the course of two years in the North of England. How do some men come to value physical violence as a resource? Historian Joanna Bourke joins the discussion. Also, stag parties and consumerism. Daniel Briggs, Professor in Criminology at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, unpicks the commercial and emotional motivations of men taking part in stag 'dos'. Is such stereotypical excessive and deviant behaviour ultimately rooted in commercial ideology?

Producer: Natalia Fernandez.

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28 minutes


Daniel Briggs at the Universidad Europea de Madrid

Anthony Ellis at the University of Salford 

Joanna Bourke at the University of Birkbeck 


Anthony Ellis, Men, Masculinities and Violence: An Ethnographic Study, (Routledge, 2015)

The Last Night of Freedom: Consumerism, Deviance and the 'Stag Party', by Professor Daniel Briggs and Dr Anthony Ellis  (published online in the journal Deviant Behavior, November 2016)

Joanna Bourke, Wounding the World: How the Military and War-Play Invade our Lives (London: Virago, 2014)


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