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Basic Bank Accounts, State of the High Street, 1000 U3A Groups

How many people have taken up a new basic bank account- designed to be fee free and accessible? Plus the state of the British High Street and a landmark for U3A.

We'll have the take up figures for the new basic bank accounts- designed to help the "unbanked" to get access to banking without running up costly fees. The High Street's Minister tells us his vision for the British High street. And U3A- the University of the Third Age- reaches the landmark figure of 1000 groups across the UK.

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45 minutes


  • High Street Minister

    Minister Andrew Percy on the successes and challenges facing the British high street

    Duration: 09:39

  • Monarch Airline Costs

    As Monarch Airlines prepares to scrap credit card booking fees what impact will it have?

    Duration: 04:08

  • Basic Bank Accounts

    Just how many people have taken up the new fee-free Basic Bank Accounts?

    Duration: 06:40

  • Food Inflation

    Food price inflation is hitting cafes and restaurants according to annual industry survey

    Duration: 06:44

  • Disabled Tickets

    The challenge of buying a wheelchair-accessible ticket for Hull City of Culture event

    Duration: 04:13

  • University of the Third Age

    The U3A movement reaches the milestone of 1000 groups now operating in the UK

    Duration: 06:58


  • Mon 12 Dec 2016 12:15



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