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Stuart Maconie's featured album is Third Ear Band's 1969 album Alchemy, which combined eastern and western styles.

Stuart Maconie travels to the furthest flung corners of left-field music to create a playlist that makes you rock back on your heels with the sounds of newness and difference. Celebrating the best in psychedelia, adventurous electronica, avant-rock, cosmic creations, progressive, drone and general weirdness from across the decades. This week Stuart features Third Ear Band's 1969 album Alchemy which combines Eastern and Western chamber music traditions. Plus new music from Turner Prize Winner Martin Creed, a Toronto octet called Film In Music and five short miniatures from Euros Childs.

2 hours

Music Played

  • Klaus Johann Grobe

    Rosen des Abschieds

    • Spagat der Liebe.
    • Cargo Records.
  • Martin Creed

    It's You

    • Thoughts Lined Up.
    • Telephone Records.
  • Trio Of Men & The Choral Engineers

    Magnetic Pioneers Of Old Torquay

    • The Heaviside Condition.
    • Baby Black Rhino Records.
  • Third Ear Band

    Stone Circle

    • Alchemy.
    • Drop Out Records.
  • Third Ear Band

    Druid One

    • Alchemy.
    • Drop Out Records.

    And That, Too

    • IV.
    • Innovative Leisure Records.
  • Cory Hanson


    • The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo.
    • Drag City.
  • S a r a s a r a

    Supernova (Matthew Herbert Remix)

    • Single.
    • One Little Indian.
  • Third Ear Band

    Ghetto Raga

    • Alchemy.
    • Drop Out Records.
  • Anna Meredith

    The Vapours

    • Varmints.
    • Moshi Moshi Records.
  • Euros Childs


    • Refresh!.
    • National Elf.
  • Euros Childs

    Turbo Melanie

    • Refresh!.
    • National Elf.
  • Euros Childs

    All Across The Car Park

    • Refresh!.
    • National Elf.
  • Euros Childs

    Iranian Waters

    • Refresh!.
    • National Elf.
  • Euros Childs

    Tap Dancing

    • Refresh!.
    • National Elf.
  • Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau

    The Watcher

    • Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau.
    • Nonesuch.
  • Film in Music

    Egg Hatched

    • Tell Tale.
    • Drip Audio.
  • Alex Izenberg

    The Farm

    • Harlequin.
    • Weird World.
  • Christopher Casson

    Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be

    • Fuzzy-Felt Folk.
    • Trunk Records.
  • Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster & Panaiotis


    • Deep Listening.
    • New Albion.
  • The Vees

    NaNNOUfx In The Vaults 1998

    • The Veees.
    • Environmental Studies.
  • Linda Catlin Smith

    Untitled 6

    • Dirt Road.
    • Anothertimbre.
  • Jody Grind

    Little Message

    • One Step On.
    • Esoteric Recordings.
  • Third Ear Band

    Area 3

    • Alchemy.
    • Drop Out Records.
  • Field Music

    A New Town

    • BBC Session Feb 2012.
  • Tissø Lake

    Adrift In Dream

    • Paths To The Foss.
    • The Nook.
  • Neil Cowley Trio


    • Spacebound Apes.
    • Hide Inside Records.