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Episode 2

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Jo Milne who was born profoundly deaf, sound tracker Gordon Hempton and two scientists who study epilepsy describe how they use sound to explore and interpret the world.

Jo Milne was born profoundly deaf and it wasn't until she was fitted with cochlea implants in her late 30's that she heard sounds for the first time in her life. Discovering a world where ice-makers in fridges are almost deafening, light switches are noisy and birds in her garden sing has been a revelation to Jo - but there have been challenges too. Whilst Jo has been adapting to a world of sound, sound recordist Gordon Hempton has spent many years trying to escape man-made noise in his quest for one square inch of silence, and we hear from a neurologist and his colleague who have been tuning in to the music 'between our ears' to discover what's happening inside our brains. Presenter Paul Evans, Producer Sarah Blunt.

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