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Programme 6, 2016

Tom Sutcliffe chairs a contest between the North of England and the Midlands in the time-honoured quiz series.

It's the turn of the teams from the North of England and the Midlands to tackle the convoluted questions in the Round Britain Quiz retreat. Neither team has scored a victory in the series so far, so the contest will be keenly fought as they both try to improve their footing on the league table.

To do so, they'll need knowledge of the nomadic tribes of Eurasia, the settings of 1970s sitcoms and the geography of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico - or, at the very least, make an educated guess from the other clues available. Tom Sutcliffe provides the usual calm hints from the chair, warning them away from the more wayward red herrings when their deliberations lead them too far off the mark.

As always, there's a round of musical clues and a selection of listeners' ingenious question ideas for the teams to grapple with.

Producer: Paul Bajoria.

28 minutes

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Sat 10 Dec 2016 23:00

Last week's teaser question

We asked why Andreyev's Seven, before a sporting fixture with a level score and a billet shared with Tommy, could leave you in pieces?
Andreyev is Leonid Andreyev, the Russian writer whose 1908 short story 'The Seven Who Were Hanged' was recently in the news, when it was suggested that it inspired the gang who plotted the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, thus triggering the First World War.
A sporting fixture with a level score is drawn, and another way of saying you were billeted with Tommy could be that you were quartered.
Being hanged, drawn and quartered would certainly leave you in pieces - and, although thought of as a medieval practice, it was on the statute as the legal punishment for treason as late as the mid Victorian period.

Questions in this programme

Q1  Take us from nomadic tribes of Eurasia to a Japanese tipple, then to the inventor of the Schwarz-Metterklume Method, then to an Afro-French football hero currently playing for Crystal Palace, and finally to a city in the Tokyo commuter belt.
Q2 (from Andrew Russell)  Which sporting trio could lead you from an inaugural event in Kennington to either a popular sitcom from the 70s and 80s or the Liverpool waterfront? 
Q3 (from Andrew Philip)  Music - In what comedic sense might one of the first three be responsible for the last?
Q4 (from Simon Breed)  Why would a literary Russian fool, a Dutchman's vital story and an Italian's cinematic back seat, lead you to an explosive lizard?
Q5  Replace Eric to create the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Sterna hirundo, Dr Ellie Sattler and Show Boat.
Q6  Music - How would this music embody time in Cambridge and a Spanish map-maker's Gulf coast discovery?
Q7 (from Martin Metcalfe)  How could the following provide you with a tonic: The origin of a famous French female visionary; the works of Monsieur Feydeau; a mass equal to 1.989 x 10 to the power of 30 kg; Camellia sinensis; and a head-slapping exclamation entered into the OED in 2001?
Q8  If Manchester provided you with a conversation between, say, the Queen and Prince Charles, Sheffield would send Miller potty, and Kane and Smith would be in Glasgow - what would drive you to Hull? 

This week's teaser question

What does Melrose Abbey have in common with the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw, and Stinsford in Dorset?
Don't write or email - there are no prizes! Tom will reveal the answer in next week's show.

Rankings so far in this series

The Round Britain Quiz league table for 2016, prior to this contest, stands as follows:
1 Wales  P2  W2  L0  Total points 432 South of England  P2  W1  L1  Points 403 Scotland  P2  W1  L1  Points 354 Northern Ireland  P2  W1  L1  Points 325 North of England  P1  W0  L1  Points 176 Midlands  P1  W0  L1  Points 12


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