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Episode 3

John Shuttleworth has invited musical guests to his lounge to sing one of his songs - and one of their own if they're lucky. This week it's Nick Heyward.

John Shuttleworth invites celebrated pop stars to his Sheffield home to perform one of their own songs and also, more importantly, one of his.

This week it's Nick Heyward from Haircut 100.

Ken is very excited as he's heard that Nick has had a spiritual awakening and he's keen to learn how he can have one of his own. John feels that Ken is being silly wearing a kaftan and beads, but Ken is convinced that Nick can help him and ignores John.

Also, Mary is not happy with the smell of the josticks that Ken has lit so he's ejected by John while Nick wins Mary over with his rendition of Can't Go Back To Savoury Now.

In Top Tips on the Telephone, John learns from Tony Christie about coping with Eurovision failure!

Written and Performed by Graham Fellows with special guests Nick Heyward and Tony Christie.
Produced by Dawn Ellis
A Chic Ken production for BBC Radio 4.

30 minutes


Role Contributor
Performer Graham Fellows
Interviewed Guest Nick Heyward
Interviewed Guest Tony Christie
Writer Graham Fellows
Producer Dawn Ellis