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Rising ground rents, Food price rises, GP training

New-build houses with ground rents that double every decade. The doctors who fail the exams to become a GP, but are desperate to practise. More predictions of food price rises.

It's emerged that one of the UK's biggest house-builders has been selling some homes with ground rents that double every ten years. The owner of one house has told us that it has made her home unsaleable as potential buyers are put off by the rate at which the ground rent will increase in future decades. A group of MPs has expressed concern and the company, Taylor Wimpey, has told You & Yours that it is reviewing the practice.

The man who runs the biggest sandwich company in the UK, supplying all the big supermarkets and coffee chains has told You & Yours that prices will rise soon as a result of the fall in the value of the pound. Patrick Coveney, who's the Chief Executive of Greencore says that the higher cost of imported ingredients will eventually filter through to prices on the shelves. His opinion echoes that of Justin King, the man who used to run Sainsbury's, who is predicting supermarket price rises of 5 per cent over the next six months.

Every year hundreds of qualified doctors fail the extra examination you need to pass to become a GP. Doctors have four chances to pass the exams, but if they fail four times, they aren't allowed to take them again. Doctors who don't pass can still work in hospitals. Given the shortage of GPs and a government promise to recruit an extra 5,000 by 2020, there are proposals to give those doctors who've failed the test four times additional training to help them through.

Producer: Jonathan Hallewell
Presenter: Winifred Robinson.

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