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Buy to let, Post-Brexit prices, Adopt a phone box

Landlords say they are raising rents and evicting tenants ahead of tax changes for buy to let. Marmite, Toblerone and Maltesers, what's happening to prices after the Brexit vote.

Landlords tell You & Yours that they are raising rents and evicting tenants ahead of buy-to-let tax changes. Stamp duty has already risen, and the Bank of England has more powers to regulate mortgage lending for rental properties in an effort to cool the market. Now landlords claim that changes next year to the tax system, meaning some will pay more tax, is already affecting rents. We hear from one who says she is evicting her tenants on housing benefit.

Marmite, Toblerone and Maltesers: behind the headlines what's happening to prices after the Brexit vote? Traders at one of the UK's major wholesale markets tell You & Yours that prices for some imports from Europe are up by as much as 40% because of the drop of the pound. Jess Phillips meets traders and shopkeepers trying to keep big price rises for customers at bay.

There's never been a better time to buy a new or nearly-new car. But in a new report, accountants BDO says that profit margins for car dealerships are flat and they are worried that some might be forced to quit the industry? What does that mean for consumer choice or the price of your next car?

BT is in the process of closing 47,000 phone boxes. But what can you do if you love your local red box? Vernon Harwood meets villagers trying to save theirs by adopting them and turning them into something else.

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Rebecca Maxted.

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  • Buy To Let

    Landlords say they are raising rents and evicting tenants over tax changes

    Duration: 09:23

  • Post Brexit Prices

    Fruit and veg retailers on how the fall in the value of the pound is affecting prices

    Duration: 07:33

  • Pensions Cold Calling

    The Treasury has said there will be a ban on pension investment cold calling

    Duration: 05:39

  • Phone Boxes

    The local communities adopting their now redundant red telephone boxes

    Duration: 08:16

  • Developer Power

    Are there enough checks and balances on the huge new private developments in cities?

    Duration: 06:51


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