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Leonard Cohen, Lt Col Robert Montgomery MC, Janet Reno, Sir Jimmy Young

Matthew Bannister on singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen, war hero Robert Montgomery, US attorney general Janet Reno, broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young.

Matthew Bannister on

The singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen. He was accused of depressing a generation, but many found his songs inspiring.

Lieutenant Colonel Bob Montgomery - the explosives expert who played a leading role in a daring Commando raid on the port of Saint Nazaire during the second world war.

Janet Reno - the US Attorney General General under President Bill Clinton - she dealt with many controversial issues, including the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky scandals.

Sir Jimmy Young. For thirty years his mixture of news and music entertained and informed millions on Radio 2.

Producer: Neil George.

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28 minutes

Leonard Cohen (pictured)

Matthew spoke to comedian Arthur Smith who wrote and performed a show about the singer, to singer Barb Jungr who also sang his songs and to music writer and broadcaster, Stuart Maconie.

Born 21 September 1934; died 7 November 2016 aged 82.

Lt-Col Robert Montgomery MC

Matthew spoke to historian Jim Dorrian.

Born 3 November 1920; died 20 October 2016 aged 95.

Janet Reno

Matthew spoke to former BBC Washington correspondent, Tom Carver and to biographer and former journalist, Paul Anderson.

Born 21 July 1938; died 7 November 2016 aged 78.

Sir Jimmy Young

Last Word spoke to fellow radio DJ Ken Bruce, to regular JY contributor, Dr Mike Smith and to his producer, Phil Hughes.

Born 21 September 1921; died 7 November 2016 aged 95.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Neil George
Interviewed Guest Arthur Smith
Interviewed Guest Barb Jungr
Interviewed Guest Stuart Maconie
Interviewed Guest Ken Bruce
Interviewed Guest Mike Smith
Interviewed Guest Phil Hughes
Interviewed Guest Paul Anderson
Interviewed Guest Jim Dorian