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Na h-Azteacaich/Aztecs

Light-hearted look at historic civilisations and their inventions. Travel back to Aztec civilisation with Calum, Kerry Anne and the History Hunters.

Siubhail air ais gu àm nan Azteacach cuide ri Calum, Kerry Anne is na Sealgairean Spòrsail. Le fiosrachadh annasach agus beò-dhealbhaidhean, chì sinn buaidh innleachdan bho shean air ar saoghal an-diugh.

Travel back to Aztec civilisation as Calum, Kerry Anne and the History Hunters continue to bring history to life with fun facts, animations and experiments which show how inventions and discoveries from ancient times helped shape our everyday lives.

The Aztecs, a famous and fierce civilisation from Central America, built massive pyramids without pointed tops, designed two different calendars, created hieroglyphic writing and founded a great city that still stands today.

The History Hunters' first challenge this week is to make a ceremonial shield fit for an Aztec king. They choose cardboard and woven palm leaves for the shields, then decorate them Aztec-style. The Hunters also play ancient Aztec ball game, tlachtli. Played on a stone court with a stone goal in the centre, scoring was so difficult that it's believed the game was over when the first team got the ball through the hoop.

And in the studio, Calum and Kerry Anne are playing patoli, the most popular board game of the time.

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