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Episode 2

The second of five programmes covering the best autumn stories. Margherita Taylor is on the case of a furry alien menace that could soon be invading people's homes.

As the salmon season gets underway, Keeley is on the River Tyne in Northumberland to find out what is being done to save wild salmon stocks.

Margherita is on the case of a furry alien menace that could soon be invading people's homes.

Paul Martin visits a community project that is bringing farm animals to the heart of the city.

And Jules discovers how your dog could be a killer without you even knowing it.

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Tue 25 Oct 2016 09:15

Edible Dormice

Edible Dormice

Margherita Taylor is on the hunt for a tiny terror that’s causing devastation in the Chilterns.  Edible Dormice, often referred to by

their Latin name glis glis, are an invasive species from Europe.   In the last 10 years, the edible dormice population has exploded.

So much so, that dormouse specialist Roger Trout now leads a team studying their impact, and his findings are alarming!


Discover more about invasive species in the UK

Street Goat

Street Goat

We’ve all heard of urban foxes and seagulls in the city - but a herd of goats in the back streets of Bristol?! Paul Martin meets the collective brains behind a community project that’s harnessing the bramble-eating power of seven goats. They were introduced earlier this year to help clear overgrown allotments in the St George area of the city.  Now the ever-resourceful community are using milk from the goats to make cheese.  Paul discovers that with the right amount of urban space, you too can have a bit of the countryside on your doorstep.

Learn more about keeping goats

Learn more about the Street Goat project

Dog Poo

Dog Poo

As a nation of dog lovers, many of us love nothing more than taking them for a walk in the countryside.  But what if these walks were spreading a lethal parasite that’s harmful to sheep and cattle? Jules Hudson investigates why not picking up your dogs’ poo could be creating a microscopic menace that’s quietly infecting livestock.  Jules meets sheep farmer Charles Sercombe to find what the dangers are of not scooping the poop. With the help of Steve Jenkinson from the Kennel Club, Jules discovers what is being done to change attitudes of dog walkers to encourage them to pick up. And he meets dog poo detective Gary Downie to find out about a new DNA registration scheme, which hopes to be the next step in the fight against grime crime.

Find out more about how to be a responsible dog owner and the NFU’s Love your countryside campaign.

Picking Pensioners

Picking Pensioners

Herefordshire is about the best place in the country for apples.  There are more orchards her than anywhere else in England. 

The perfect place for John Craven to join the pensioners picking apples for pocket money.


Find out about top tips for harvesting fruit



The Autumn salmon run is in full swing. Every year, vast schools of Wild Atlantic salmon travel thousands of miles to return from the deep ocean, to the relative safety of their spawning grounds in UK rivers.  But in the last 40 years, their numbers have dropped by more than 60%. Salmon is now on the protected species list.  Keeley Donovan joins local fishermen on the river Tyne. It is one the country’s best spots to see this magnificent salmon migration in action.  Here, she reveals an ingenious project to protect wild salmon populations.

Learn more about the wildlife of the River Tyne


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