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Broadband Deal Advertising; Flamingo Interior Design Trends; Halloween Fancy Dress

Winifred Robinson hears how adverts for broadband deals are being made clearer from today. And how have flamingos achieved such popularity in home design in 2016?

Winifred Robinson looks at the changes to the way broadband is advertised.
Why flamingos have become the design trend of 2016.
Halloween is the busiest day for fancy dress shops. Our reporter goes behind the scenes of a firm that rents out actual costumes from the movies. And he uncovers a forgotten gem worn in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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  • Cold Call Petition

    Baroness Altman says there should be a complete ban on cold calling regarding pensions

    Duration: 04:50

  • Fancy Dress

    Halloween is now the busiest time for fancy dress shops like Angels

    Duration: 07:34

  • The Hospital Group

    One of the biggest cosmetic surgery companies in the UK owes million pounds in VAT

    Duration: 05:10

  • Flamingo Trend

    Why flamingos have become the design trend of 2016

    Duration: 04:17

  • Charities

    Charities are finding it harder to recruit trustees now the role has more responsibility

    Duration: 05:22

  • Forged Rail Tickets

    An undercover BBC investigation reveals forged rail tickets being sold on the internet

    Duration: 04:50

  • Broadband Advertising

    The new changes to the way broadband deals can be advertised in the UK

    Duration: 05:36


  • Mon 31 Oct 2016 12:15



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