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Judgment is expected in the case between Uber and some of its drivers over whether the drivers should be considered staff with rights to employee benefits. Justin Bowden is the GMB national secretary.


A "brown pebble" spotted by a fossil hunter in Sussex more than a decade ago has been confirmed as the first known example of petrified dinosaur brain. Dr Alex Liu is a co-researcher of the findings from Cambridge University's Department of Earth Sciences.


The child abuse inquiry dropped an investigation into the conduct of its most senior lawyer despite a disclosure of alleged sexual assault, Newsnight reported last night. Ben Emmerson categorically denies sexual assault, bullying or other misconduct. Tim Loughton is a Conservative MP and member of the Home Affairs Select Committee.


A law aimed at cutting the numbers of people ending up on the streets in England is being debated in Parliament today. The Homelessness Reduction Bill – a private member’s bill – would mean local councils will have to help all people facing potential homelessness and not just those who are protected under the existing law. Ed Turner is the housing spokesman for the Local Government Association, and Matt Downie is policy director at homeless charity Crisis.


A grandmother from Coventry, Diane Hill, has helped develop a new range of emojis to reflect the lives of people her age and older.


The Centre for Social Justice, chaired by Iain Duncan Smith MP, is calling on the Chancellor to reverse the 2015 Budget cuts to the Universal Credit work allowances and pay for it by raiding the planned increase in the income tax threshold. Iain Duncan Smith is the former secretary of state for Work and Pensions.


Tomorrow marks 60 years since the Suez crisis started with the invasion of Egypt by Israel. Jennifer Boyle is potentially the last surviving member of staff from the British Embassy in Cairo at the time of the Israeli invasion in 1956.


The NATO military presence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States planned for next year will be the biggest build up on Russia's borders since the Cold War. Jens Stoltenberg is the NATO Secretary-General.


Following June's EU referendum, former Prime Minister Tony Blair says that we should and could have another vote on Brexit.


The parents of a 14 year old who no longer wants to identify as a girl, say they fear the child will be taken into care if they do not allow her to be known as a boy in school. They say the child is confused and accuse social workers of pushing their child into being transgender. The BBC’s correspondent Zoe Conway reports. Anne-Marie Hutchinson QC is a partner at a family law firm and has worked on similar cases.


Over the last few months, huge protests have been taking place on campuses around South Africa, and parallels have been drawn with the Soweto student uprising 40 years ago. This evening is the release of a new film about the ANC activist Solomon Mahlungu, who was executed a few years after the Soweto uprising. Mandla Dube is the director of ‘Kalushi: The Story of Solomon Mahlangu’ which opens the Film Africa festival this evening.


After five years of protracted negotiations, Antarctica’s Ross Sea has finally been declared a Marine Protected Area. Lewis Pugh is the UN Patron for the Oceans and undertook a series of swims in the Ross Sea to draw attention to the issue.


Yesterday carmaker Nissan announced that they would build two new models at its Sunderland plant following talks with the government in the wake of Brexit. Professor David Bailey is a car manufacturing expert at Aston University, and Ryan Bourne is head of Public Policy at the IEA.

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