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The Man the Lions Love to Hate

Head keeper Mark Godwin has a problem - how to move a reluctant rhino around the M25 to Colchester. With Grace Dent.

Mark Godwin has a problem. "A lot of the animals don't really like me. I'm usually the bad news person - if something bad's going to happen, I turn up."
Head keeper at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, he wears sunglasses to avoid upsetting the wolverines, the zebras and the giraffes he sometimes has to dart. There's one lioness who would love to have him for lunch.

The rhinos do seem to like him, but now he has to move one of them on the back of lorry around the M25. Astrid is a celebrity rhino, a bit of a diva they say. When she was born even the Prime Minister came to pay his respects. But now Astrid is three years old she has to be moved, or her dad Monty could try to mount her. But Astrid won't even go in her crate.

Grace Dent introduces a zoo tale with a difference, featuring a blunt speaking keeper just trying to do his job.

The producer is Miles Warde.

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28 minutes


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Meet the Artist

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