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Women in the UN Protest

Women in the UN protest at honorary ambassador choice. The impact of homelessness on women. Chanya Button. A taste of this month's Late Night Woman's Hour: home. Seema Aziz.

The UN's recent decision to make Wonder Woman the UN honorary ambassador for gender equality created an internal backlash, just a short time after the appointment of yet another man to the Secretary General post. Does this reflect the organisation's deeper disconnect with gender? BBC UN and New York correspondent Nick Bryant and the former Chief Advisor on Peace and Security at UN Women, Professor Anne Marie Goetz, join us to discuss.

Today the Homelessness Reduction Bill gets its second reading in the House of Commons. Created by a panel of experts, it has cross party support and that of major homelessness charities and aims to address the visible rise in those sleeping rough across the country. Alice Ashworth from Crisis discusses what they hope the Bill will achieve and what it means for the rising number of women seen living on the streets.

Described as Thelma and Louise meets Casper the Friendly Ghost, Burn, Burn, Burn opens in cinemas today. Marking her debut as a film director, Chanya Button talks about the demands of making an independent film and the rewards of seeing it succeed.

In this month's Late Night Woman's Hour Lauren Laverne and guests ask what home means. Is it a joy or a drudgery? And why has the Scandinavian art of Hygge become the word of the winter? Lauren's joined by psychotherapist Susie Orbach, Rachel Hurdley, research fellow in the school of social science at Cardiff University, writer and blogger Helen Zaltzman, and Danish chef Trine Hahnemann.

We talk to Pakistan's top business woman, Seema Aziz about founding the country's first chain of shops, fashion house Bareeze, with more than 600 outlets across Pakistan and the Middle East. In the last 20 years she's also built 200 schools across Pakistan which are free for the boys and girls who attend them.

Presenter: Jenni Murray
Producer: Kirsty Starkey.

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  • Wonder Woman

    It was recently announced that Wonder Woman would be made UN gender equality ambassador

    Duration: 08:02

  • Homelessness

    Tomorrow the Homelessness Reduction Bill gets its second reading in the House of Commons

    Duration: 13:54

  • Chanya Button

    The director of Burn, Burn, Burn discusses the demands of making an independent film

    Duration: 00:18

  • LNWH

    In this month’s Late Night Woman’s Hour Lauren Laverne and guests ask what 'home' means

    Duration: 05:53

  • Seema Aziz

    Pakistan's top business woman who also runs over 250 schools for boys and girls

    Duration: 07:19


Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Producer Kirsty Starkey
Interviewed Guest Anne-Marie Goetz
Interviewed Guest Nick Bryant
Interviewed Guest Alice Ashworth
Interviewed Guest Paula
Interviewed Guest Debbie
Interviewed Guest Susie Orbach
Interviewed Guest Rachel Hurdley
Interviewed Guest Trine Hahnemann
Interviewed Guest Seema Aziz


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