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Gambling investigation, Furniture boom, Free rent for sex adverts

The government is to investigate whether gambling websites are treating customers fairly. Plus, Brits are supposed to have reached peak stuff, so why are furniture sales booming?

We've been investigating whether gambling websites treat customers fairly after users told us they haven't been allowed to withdraw their winnings and are restricted from playing when they do well. Now the Competition and Markets Authority is going to investigate. Sarah Gardner from the regulator the Gambling Commission tells us why.

We were supposed to have reached peak stuff. The boss of Ikea told us in 2013 that furniture sales would never return to pre-financial crash levels. He was wrong. DFS and ScS are reporting record sales, Furniture Village is opening new stores. Designer Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen takes us furniture shopping to discuss why our passion for changing rooms is back and Peter White speaks to the Chief Executive of DFS Ian Filby.

The tale of a lost Teddy Bear. The number of missing bags on airlines has gone down, but if your luggage does disappear you're less likely to get it back. Can we help reunite a much-loved Teddy with her owner?

There are a number of room-to-let adverts on the classified website Craigslist advertising free or cheap rent to women, in return for sex. Journalist Samantha Rea talked to some of the men behind the adverts. And John Bibby from Shelter tells You & Yours why this is a sleazy side of the housing crisis.

Presenter: Peter White
Producer: Rebecca Maxted.

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  • Gambling Investigation

    The Competition and Markets Authority is investigating online gambling sites.

    Duration: 07:44

  • North South Housing

    Despite Brexit wobbles, house prices have been rising. But does one size fit all?

    Duration: 03:28

  • Furniture Boom

    Why are furniture sales booming?

    Duration: 09:05

  • Wensleydale Flyer

    The fight to save a much-loved rural bus service in North Yorkshire

    Duration: 06:50

  • Lost Luggage

    You & Yours tries to help reunite a much-loved Teddy with her owner.

    Duration: 04:36

  • Free Rent for Sex

    Room-to-let adverts offer free rent for sex. But are they linked to the housing crisis?

    Duration: 06:07


Role Contributor
Presenter Peter White
Interviewed Guest Sarah Gardner
Interviewed Guest Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Interviewed Guest Ian Filby
Interviewed Guest Samantha Rea
Interviewed Guest John Bibby
Producer Rebecca Maxted


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