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Caitlin Moran on Raised By Wolves, John Whittingdale on James Purnell, What Is Twitter Worth?

Topical media programme, featuring Caitlin Moran on crowdfunding Raised By Wolves, John Whittingdale on James Purnell, and Twitter - influential, but what is it worth?

Yesterday MPs debated the Draft BBC Charter, former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale joins us to discuss his concerns about the recent appointment of James Purnell as Director of Radio.

Have we reached peak Twitter? The last of the companies believed to be interested in buying the social network has said it's no longer interested. We speak to Emily Bell, Director of the Tow Centre for Journalism and Jamie Gavin MD of inPress online about how Twitter's commercial value sits with its growing influence.

And, since hearing that Channel 4 would not be re-commissioning a third series of her award winning sitcom 'Raised by Wolves', Caitlin Moran has decided to raise funds to produce the programme from crowd funding site Kickstarter. She joins Steve to discuss her plans.

Producer: Ruth Watts.

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