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It's the final day of the SNP conference and it will close with a speech from the leader Nicola Sturgeon. The BBC's Scotland editor Sarah Smith discusses.


The footballer Ched Evans has been found not guilty of raping a teenager at a retrial. But concerns have been raised about the decision to allow defence lawyers to question two witnesses about the sexual history of the woman he was accused of raping. Don Hale is the investigative reporter whose work left to the retrial.


America's first black president swept into the White House on a wave of optimism. But how will history regard his presidency? Norma Percy, the series producer of the documentary series Inside Obama's White House, which had unrivalled access to the president and his inner circle - and Britain's former Ambassador to the US Peter Westmacott - will be joining Justin Webb at the The Times and Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature festival this afternoon to discuss his legacy. Justin caught up with them earlier in the week, for a sneak preview.


A man and a woman who were sexually abused by Libyan cadets in Cambridgeshire have been paid tens of thousands of pounds in compensation by the Ministry of Defence. Kim Harrison is lawyer at Slater and Gordon who represented two of the victims.


How are businesses in Glasgow feeling almost four months after the Brexit vote, which was opposed by the majority of people in Scotland. Tracey Eker's company Flexiworkforce, is an employment agency that specialises in flexible working. Alastair MacMillan runs White House Products from Port Glasgow. who manufacture and export hydraulic parts.


On this week's Meet the Author, Jim Naughtie talks to the Irish writer John Banville about his latest work, Time Pieces, a memoir of Dublin.


The Today programme has been told that within a matter of days, a significant number of child refugees will arrive in the UK from the so-called 'jungle' camp in Calais. British and French officials have begun registering unaccompanied minors who have been given the right to join relatives in the UK under an EU regulation. Reporter Zoe Conway has been to the camp in Calais. Stephen Cowan is the Labour leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council.


The SNP has now governed Scotland for nearly a decade - in control of health, education and from next year having the power to raise taxes. But despite spending more per head than anywhere else in the UK, their record on education has been poor, hitting some of the most socially deprived areas the hardest. Our Scotland Editor Sarah Smith went to see some of the work being done by academics, charities and councils to tackle the situation. Derek Mackay is Scotland's finance minister.


The actress Jean Alexander has died at the age of 90. She played many parts but will be best remembered for her role as Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street. Daran Little is a friend, former Coronation Street scriptwriter and author of the Women of Coronation Street.


Eighteen years ago a law was passed that said if a woman claimed she had been raped and the case went to court the defence was not allowed to question witnesses about her sexual history.Yesterday Ched Evans was found not guilty of rape after appeal court judges allowed exactly that to happen. Campaigners are now calling for an inquiry into that ruling. Vera Baird was the solicitor general who helped draft the law back in 1999. She is now Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner. John Cooper QC is a barrister.


The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said he would be willing to allow inflation to rise beyond the current two per cent target in 2017 if it supported growth and safeguarded jobs. Inflation is expected to rise in the next year because of the fall in the value of the pound. Rachel Reeves is a Labour MP, member of the Treasury Select Committee and former Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Paul Massara is the CEO of North Star Solar and former CEO of RWE npower.


Samsung have had to fork out billions of pounds because the batteries in their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone were catching fire at an alarming rate. It is a bit of a mystery to most of us that computer technology has advanced at an astounding rate over the last few decades but battery technology has barely changed for twenty years. We wouldn't have modern mobile phones at all if it weren't for the man who invented the lithium-ion battery that powers them. Professor John Goodenough is 94 and still working every day at a university in Texas.


In the past few years the SNP has seen a surge in the number of members. As a result of the end of the Independence campaign two years ago, membership doubled; and there was another spike in numbers joining after the referendum on membership of the EU in June. What do the newer recruits to the party make of the direction the party is taking and the role they might want to play in it? George Bruce, Erin Mwembo and Emma Hendrie are all members of the SNP.


  • Sat 15 Oct 2016 07:00

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