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Max Reinhardt with Peter Strickland's Mixtape

Max Reinhardt is joined by film director and writer Peter Strickland, who introduces his own special Late Junction mixtape. Plus music from Ditte Elly, Betty Davis and Bob Dylan.

Max Reinhardt hosts the show and film director and screenwriter Peter Strickland unveils his Late Junction mixtape. Strickland is the director of the award-winning horror movie Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and the critically acclaimed drama The Duke of Burgundy (2014). His work has seen him collaborate with musical luminaries such as Bjork, Broadcast and Cat's Eyes.

Plus, featured artists tonight include Ditte Elly, Betty Davis, and Bob Dylan, the new Nobel Prize winner for Literature.

Produced by Jack Howson for Reduced Listening.

1 hour, 30 minutes

Music Played

  • Bob Dylan

    When I Paint My Masterpiece (feat. The Band)

  • The Sonic Catering Band


    • Peripheral Conserve.
    • Peripheral Conserve.
    • 2.

    Madame Hi Fi

    • HiFi Classics.
    • Trashmouth Records.
    • 7.
  • Kenneth Knudsen

    Chicken Repair Kit

    • 3 Hats, 1 Cap and 2 Shoes That Were Not Fellows.
    • Stunt.
    • 1.
  • Betty Davis

    Politician Man

    • The Columbia Years 1968-1969.
    • Light In The Attic US.
    • 2.
  • David LOL Perry

    Nobilis Humilis

    Choir: Winchester College Quiristers. Conductor: Malcolm Archer.
    • Three Wings 1 - EP.
    • Neon.
    • 2.
  • Broadcast

    The Equestrian Vortex

    • Berberian Sound Studio.
    • Warp Records.
    • 2.
  • Bebe Barron & Louis Barron

    Bells of Atlantis (Excerpt)

    • Soundtrack to ‘Bells of Atlantis’ by Ian Hugo.
  • Ernő Király & Katalin Ladik

    Reflection 7-T (Excerpt)

    • Spectrum.
    • Autobus.
    • 8.
  • Jean-Michel van Schouwburg

    The Main Thing (Edit)

  • Ennio Morricone

    Soundtrack to the television series 'Spazio 1999'

    • Cosi' Come Sei (Colonna Sonora Originale).
    • Cinevox.
    • 3.
  • Martin Davorin Jagodic

    Tempo Furioso: Lato A (Excerpt)

    • Tempo Furioso (Tolles Wetter).
    • Cramps Records.
  • Bruno Nicolai


    • Soundtrack to ‘A Virgin Among the Living Dead’ by Jess Franco.
  • Reynols

    Blank Tapes (Excerpt)

    • Blank Tapes.
    • Trente Oiseaux.
  • Luis de Pablo

    Love Letters

    • Soundtrack to ‘The Spirit of the Beehive’ by Victor Erice.
  • Piotr Skrzynecki

    Wyprzedaz Teatru (Excerpt)

  • Manos Hadjidakis Ensemble

    Garoufallo st'auti

    • Soundtrack to ‘Laterna, ftoxia kai filotimo' by Alekos Sakellarios.
  • Franco Battiato

    Canto Fermo (Excerpt)

  • Ennio Morricone

    Victima Paschali Laudes (Excerpt)

    • Soundtrack to ‘The Devil is a Woman’ by Damiano Damiani.
  • Angus MacLise

    Shortwave-India (Excerpt)

  • Duotronic Synterror

    Wer Ist Petra Schürmann? (Edit)

  • Jim O’Rourke

    Tacere Fas

    • Old News #7.
    • Editions Mego.
  • Disintegrators

    Oscillations (Excerpt)

    • Cold Waves Of Color Volume 3.
    • Color Disc.
    • 4.
  • Alain Goraguer

    Mira et Ten

    • Soundtrack to ‘Fantastic Planet’ by René Laloux and Roland Topor.
  • Romolo Grano

    Mark (Excerpt)

  • Maciunas Ensemble & Kanary Grand Band

    Man And Bird (Excerpt)

    • Live With The Birds.
    • Apollo Records.
  • Paul Funk & Manfred Roost

    Trarira, der Sommer, der ist da (edit)

  • Stavros Xarchakos


    • Soundtrack to ’Girls in the Sun’ by Vasilis Georgiadis.
  • Les Roche Martin

    Tu as peur de bruit (edit)

  • John Cale, Tony Conrad & Jack Smith

    Cold Starry Nights (Excerpt)

    • New York In The 1960s.
    • Table Of The Elements.
    • 1.
  • Levente Mezei, Ferenc Jámbor, Sándor Csányi, Alexandra Beaujard, Gavriche, Antal Mocsel, Lajos Mocse, Levente Mocsel, Piroska Mocsel, Erika Demeter & István Kiss

    Gyertek fiúk

  • Włodzimierz Kotoński

    Aela (Excerpt)

  • Jacques Morali

    Je me prépare á l'amour (edit)

    • Soundtrack to ’La Marge’ by Walerian Borowczyk.
  • Lil Ugly Mane

    Grave Within A Grave

  • Ditte Elly

    I am only (What you make me)

    • Songs.
    • BBC Introducing.
    • 5.
  • Rubber o Cement

    Tritum Fast Talks The Szilard Simpletones

  • Hen Ogledd

    Get My Name Right Or Get Out!

  • Bob Dylan

    Motorpsycho Nightmare


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