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King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Dario Fo, Jean Bloxam, Andrew Vicari, Don Buchla

Matthew Bannister on the king of Thailand, playwright Dario Fo, racing driver Jean Bloxam, painter Andrew Vicari and musical inventor Don Buchla.

Matthew Bannister on

The world's longest reigning monarch - King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

The Nobel prize winning playwright and satirist Dario Fo. Griff Rhys Jones pays tribute.

The pioneering racing driver Jean Bloxam She took on the men - and often beat them.

Andrew Vicari, the painter from Port Talbot in Wales who made millions through commissions from the Saudi Royal family.

And the musician Don Buchla who invented the first modern synthesiser in 1963.

Producer: Neil George

Interviewed guest: Paul Handley
Interviewed guest: Griff Rhys Jones
Interviewed guest: Dan Rebellato
Interviewed guest: Nick Tassoni
Interviewed guest: Michael Scott
Interviewed guest: Andrew Vaccari
Interviewed guest: Georgina Adam
Interviewed guest: Mark Vail
Interviewed guest: Geeta DyalInterviewed guest: Andrew Vaccari
Interviewed guest: Georgina Adam
Interviewed guest: Mark Vail
Interviewed guest: Geeta Dyal.

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28 minutes

King Bhumibol Adulyadej (pictured)

Matthew spoke live on air to Paul Handley who has written a biography of the king.

Born 5 December 1927; died 13 October 2016 aged 88.

Dario Fo

Last Word spoke to actor Griff Rhys Jones and to English dramatist and academic, Dan Rebellato.

Born 26 March 1926; died 13 October 2016 aged 90.

Jean Bloxam

Matthew spoke to her great nephew, Nick Tassoni and to her fan and pit boy, Michael Scott.

Born 24 December 1926; died 9 September 2016 aged 89.

Andrew Vicari

Last Word spoke to his nephew, Andrew Vaccari and to Georgina Adam, Art market contributor for The Financial Times.

Born 20 April 1932; died 3 October 2016 aged 84.

Don Buchla

Matthew spoke to Mark Vail, author of The Synthesizer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and to Geeta Dayal, a writer on art, culture, technology and design.

Born 17 April 1937; died 14 September 2016 aged 79.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Paul Handley
Interviewed Guest Griff Rhys Jones
Interviewed Guest Dan Rebellato
Interviewed Guest Nick Tassoni
Interviewed Guest Michael Scott
Interviewed Guest Andrew Vaccari
Interviewed Guest Georgina Adam
Interviewed Guest Mark Vail
Interviewed Guest Geeta Dyal
Producer Neil George