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Nicki Cockburn, Pips and Talking Loos

Magazine show for people who are blind or partially sighted. Quizzer Nicki Cockburn, why PIPs forms are proving an issue and the Room Mate that makes using the loo more convenient.

Peter is joined by quizzer Nicki Cockburn who recently took part in the BBC TV programme 'Make Me An Egghead' and reached the semi-finals.
She talks to Peter about how she first became interested in entering competitions and the tricks she enlists to remember things.
Jackie is a listener who has asked the DWP for an electronic version of the Personal Independence Payments claim form.
So far they have only been able to offer her an audio CD of the questions and told her that blind people usually get someone sighed to help them fill in the form.
Tony Shearman meets the couple behind the Room Mate, their latest invention to make public toilets accessible, by way of using a bespoke audio description.

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  • Tue 4 Oct 2016 20:40

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