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David Owen, Paul Jones, Amie Slavin, Samuel Tsang.

Politician Lord David Owen, singer and harmonicist Paul Jones, sound artist Amie Slavin and origami expert Samuel Tsang join Libby Purves.

Politician Lord David Owen; singer and harmonicist Paul Jones; sound artist Amie Slavin and origami expert Samuel Tsang join Libby Purves

Amie Slavin is a sound artist. She is the director of the Sonophilia Festival - Lincoln's Festival of Sound - which will offer eight days of live music, sound art installations and other activities across the city. Born with a rare form of eye cancer she lost her sight in 1997 and uses her work to stimulate audiences to appreciate the various ways in which sound can represent and illuminate ideas, issues and voices. Sonophilia Festival: Lincoln's Festival of Sound is at various venues across Lincoln.

David Owen was foreign secretary under James Callaghan from 1977 until 1979 and later co-founded and went on to lead the Social Democratic Party (SDP). He now sits as an independent social democrat in the House of Lords. In his new book, Cabinet's Finest Hour, he writes about the cabinet meetings of 1940 and examines how Churchill's coalition government worked behind closed doors to bring the war to an end. Cabinet's Finest Hour - the Hidden Agenda of May 1940 by David Owen is published by Haus Publishing.

Samuel Tsang has been practising origami since he was old enough to fold. A London city worker by day and origami ninja by night, his book explains how origami can help concentration and memory and lead to mindfulness - or mindFOLDness as he puts it. The Book of Mindful Origami and The Magic of Mindful Origami are published by Yellow Kite.

Paul Jones is lead singer of the Manfreds and former lead vocalist and harmonicist of Manfred Mann. Formed in 1962, Manfred Mann's hits include Do Wah Diddy; Pretty Flamingo; Sha La La; and 5-4-3-2-1. Paul turned to acting in 1966 appearing in films and on stage at the National Theatre in the Beggar's Opera and Guys and Dolls. Maximum Rhythm and Blues with the Manfreds is on tour.

Producer: Paula McGinley.

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In the studio
L-R: Paul Jones, David Owen, Samuel Tsang. Front: Amie Slavin.


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Producer Paula McGinley