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Shyness - Names

Sociological discussion programme, presented by Laurie Taylor. Shyness: Laurie considers the cultural and sociological history of the 'shrinking violet'.

Shyness: Laurie Taylor talks to Joe Moran, Professor of English and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University and the author of study of the 'shrinking violet' in history and sociology.
Also, a sociology of naming. Jane Pilcher, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Leicester, explores the relationship between names and our sense of identity.
Producer: Jayne Egerton.

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28 minutes


Joe Moran at Liverpool John Moores University

Susie Scott at the University of Sussex

Jane Pilcher at the University of LeicesterĀ 


Joe Moran, Shrinking Violents: A Field Guide to Violets, (Profile Books, 2016)

Susie Scott, Shyness and Society: The Illusion of Competence, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)


  • Wed 21 Sep 2016 16:00
  • Mon 26 Sep 2016 00:15

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