The Quest for Rest

Rest sounds like a straightforward topic. We think we know what it is. Until you start to look closely and then it's not so simple. Over the last two years Claudia Hammond has been working at the Wellcome Collection in London as part of a team called Hubbub - a group including psychologists, artists, poets, neuroscientists, musicians, historians and sociologists - all coming together to examine the topic of rest.

In the first of three programmes Claudia attempts to define rest. Is it the absence of work? Does it have to mean doing nothing? Claudia discusses the concept of rest with a historian, a composer, a poet and an English literature scholar.

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Tue 13 Sep 2016 21:30

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Great Bed of Ware by Hans Vredeman de Vries 1590 - 1600

Great Bed of Ware by Hans Vredeman de Vries 1590 - 1600

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