Manchester: First City of the Industrial Revolution

The Matter of the North Episode 7 of 10

Melvyn Bragg celebrates the achievements of Manchester, the original northern powerhouse. Its emblem is the bee, a symbol of work, cooperation and industry. It was from here that huge scientific, social and commercial changes would sweep the globe. Melvyn visits Quarry Bank Mill in Styal outside Manchester which is one of the best preserved textile mills in the country.
Melvyn visits the house of the novelist Elizabeth Gaskell, who chronicled the rapidly changing lives of the people who lived in or near Manchester, or Cottonopolis as it was known. Melvyn hears how a culture of dissent or non-conformity fed into the city's spirit of invention. He discusses the great scientists that came out of the city - James Joule the father of thermodynamics and John Dalton the father of atomic theory. Melvyn also hears about one of the country's biggest and now largely forgotten art exhibitions which was held in Manchester - The Art Treasures exhibition of 1857.

Canon Apiarist Adrian Rhodes, Manchester Cathedral
Professor Hannah Barker, University of Manchester
Dr James Sumner, University of Manchester
Jenny Uglow
Dr Katy Layton-Jones, University of Leicester
Maria Balshaw, The Whitworth Art Gallery

Producer: Faith Lawrence.

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Melvyn Bragg and Jenny Uglow

Melvyn Bragg and Jenny Uglow

84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester – Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

Melvyn Bragg

Melvyn Bragg

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Melvyn Bragg and Dr Katy Layton-Jones

Melvyn Bragg and Dr Katy Layton-Jones

Site of the Manchester Art-Treasures Exhibition

Melvyn Bragg and Dr James Sumner

Melvyn Bragg and Dr James Sumner

By the statue of James Prescott Joule in Manchester Town Hall

Melvyn Bragg and Professor Hannah Barker

Melvyn Bragg and Professor Hannah Barker

Quarry Bank Mill, Styal

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