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John Bishop

Comedian John Bishop discusses his new interview TV show, Simon Cowell MBE talks about becoming an animal rescuer, and American singer PP Arnold shares her Inheritance Tracks.

Stand-up comedian and actor John Bishop joins Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles. John Bishop found fame after discovering his talent for stand-up comedy in his thirties. He talks about his willingness to try new things, which includes a new TV interview series, his Liverpudlian identity and creating comedy.

Listener Rachel Gadsden is an artist who is involved in creating artworks and an animation for the lighting of the Paralympic Heritage Torch Lighting Ceremony.

Pianist Antimo Magnotta talks to JP Devlin about his experience on board the Costa Concordia cruise ship on the night the vessel collided into a rock.

Comedian and writer Deborah Frances-White was adopted at ten days old in Australia. She has tracked down her birth mother and family, and continues to search for her birth father.

American singer PP Arnold shares her Inheritance Tracks: River Deep Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman, written by Carole King

Simon Cowell MBE, not the X-Factor music mogul but a former city trader. He now runs his own animal rescue centre, the Wildlife Aid Foundation.

John Bishop: In Conversation With... continues on Thursday's at 9pm on W.
Deborah Frances-White's 4-part series 'Rolls the Dice' begins on Radio 4 on Friday at 11.30am.
PP Arnold is touring around the UK from October as part of Maximum Rhythm N' Blues.
Simon has published the book My Wild Life: The story of a Most Unlikely Animal Rescuer, which is out now.

Producer: Claire Bartleet
Editor: Karen Dalziel.

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Presenters and guests in the studio - 3rd September 2016

Presenters and guests in the studio - 3rd September 2016

Rachel Gadsden

Deborah Frances-White

PP Arnold

Simon Cowell MBE


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Presenter Aasmah Mir
Presenter Richard Coles
Interviewed Guest John Bishop
Interviewed Guest Rachel Gadsden
Interviewed Guest Antimo Magnotta
Interviewed Guest JP Devlin
Interviewed Guest Deborah Frances-White
Interviewed Guest PP Arnold
Interviewed Guest Simon Cowell


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