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Reading prison and Oscar Wilde, The Collection, Venice Film Festival, Bjork digital

Art inspired by Reading Gaol's most famous inmate, Oscar Wilde; Bjork goes digital at Somerset House; best of Venice Film Festival; and court-room drama on trial.

As it opens to the public for the first time, John Wilson visits Reading Prison, the location of a new project which sees artists respond to the work of the jail's most famous inmate, Oscar Wilde.

Created by Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives writer, Oliver Goldstick, The Collection is Amazon Prime Video's new series. Set in post-war Paris it combines family drama with haute couture. Daily Telegraph fashion editor, Lisa Armstrong, reviews.

Björk, famed for her experimental style, now opens a new exhibition of immersive virtual reality experiences set to her last album Vilnicura. It includes one film shot from inside the singer's mouth. We review with Kate Mossman.

With the Venice Film Festival in full swing across the continent Jason Solomons reports back on the films causing a stir.

The trial of Helen Titchner for attempted murder begins on Sunday's edition of The Archers. Over a week, the ins and outs of her relationship with abusive husband Rob will be played out in court. Will there be shock confessions, surprise witnesses, and legal spats? Crime writer and playwright, Denise Mina, describes the dilemmas of writing a court scene.

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  • Reading Prison

    Duration: 08:49

  • The Collection reviewed by Lisa Armstrong

    Duration: 04:51

  • Bjork Digital reviewed by Kate Mossman

    Duration: 04:52

  • Venice Film Festival reviewed by Jason Solomons

    Duration: 04:22

  • Court trials in popular culture

    Duration: 04:37

Inside: Artists and Writers in Reading Prison

Inside: Artists and Writers in Reading Prison

Original door to Oscar Wilde’s cell.  Inside: Artists and Writers in Reading Prison is presented by Artangel.

Neil Bartlett reads De Profundis on 4 September 2016, 1200-1700

Image by Marcus J Leith courtesy of Artangel.

The Collection

The Collection
The Collection is available on Amazon Prime on Friday 2 September.

Björk Digital

Björk Digital

Björk Digital runs at Somerset House, London until 23 October 2016

Image credit: Santiago Felipe

Venice Film Festival

Jason Solomons reports from the Venice Film Festival.

Trials in Popular Culture

Writer and playright Denise Mina reports on trials in popular culture.


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Interviewed Guest Jason Solomons
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