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BHS store future, Car recalls, Peat use

Winifred Robinson on the future for former BHS stores. What's been the impact of efforts to reduce peat use in gardens? And concern at cars being sold while subject to a recall.

Winifred Robinson hears about motorists with potentially dangerous cars they should never have been sold.
In the final week of trading for the last remaining BHS stores, we look at what will become of the 163 buildings left empty.
And with continued efforts to cut the use of peat in our gardens, just how much peat is now being used by the green fingered?

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45 minutes


  • Car Fire Sales

    The motorists sold cars that still pose a fire risk

    Duration: 09:12

  • Gas Meters

    Mistakes recording gas meter readings mean some E-on customers have been overcharged

    Duration: 01:45

  • BHS Store Future

    What's the future for the stores formerly used by BHS?

    Duration: 06:47

  • Low Cost Holidays - one month since it went into administration

    Many customers are still waiting to see if they'll get any of their money back

    Duration: 06:11

  • Gender Marketing

    How more products are being directly targeted at men

    Duration: 06:05


  • Mon 15 Aug 2016 12:15

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