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Bishop Edward Daly, Ahmed Zewail, Suzanne Wright, Duke of Westminster, Ivo Pitanguy

Matthew Bannister on former bishop of Derry Edward Daly, chemist Ahmed Zewail, autism campaigner Suzanne Wright, the Duke of Westminster and plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy.

Matthew Bannister on

the Bishop of Derry Edward Daly. He was famously photographed waving a bloodstained white handkerchief as he tended to a young man shot by the army on Bloody Sunday.

The Egyptian born chemist Ahmed Zewail who won the Nobel prize for his work on revealing the minute details of chemical reactions.

Suzanne Wright who raised millions of dollars for research into autism after her grandson was diagnosed with the condition.

The Duke of Westminster, one of the UK's wealthiest landowners and a close friend of the royal family.

And the Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy. To his many celebrity patients he was known as the Michelangelo of the scalpel.

Producer: Paul Waters.

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28 minutes

Bishop Edward Daly

Matthew spoke to journalist and broadcaster Malachi O’Doherty.

Born 5 December 1933; died 8 August 2016 aged 82.

Ahmed Zewail

Matthew spoke to the chemist, Professor Bengt Norden.

Born 26 February 1946; died 2 August 2016 aged 70.

Suzanne Wright

Matthew spoke to her husband and co-founder of Autism Speaks, Bob Wright.

Born 16 December 1946; died 29 July 2016 aged 69.

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster

Matthew spoke to Robert Jobson, Royal Editor of the London Evening Standard.

Born 22 December 1951; died 9 August 2016 aged 64.

Ivo Pitanguy

Matthew spoke to plastic surgeon, Dr Rod Rohrich.

Born 5 July 1923; died 6 August 2016 aged 93.


Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Malachi O'Doherty
Interviewed Guest Bengt Norden
Interviewed Guest Bob Wright
Interviewed Guest Robert Jobson
Interviewed Guest Rod Rohrich
Producer Paul Waters