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Luc Hoffmann, Sylvia Peters, Joe Powell, William Smethurst, Sandy Pearlman

Matthew Bannister on conservationist Luc Hoffmann, BBC announcer Sylvia Peters, stuntman Joe Powell, Archers editor William Smethurst, rock manager Sandy Pearlman.

Matthew Bannister on

Luc Hoffmann, the Swiss conservationist who co-founded the World Wildlife Fund and fought to save endangered species and wetlands.

Sylvia Peters, one of the best known faces on BBC television in the 1950s.

The film stuntman Joe Powell who took part in many death defying exploits.

The editor of the Archers William Smethurst who introduced the characters of Eddie Grundy and Nigel Pargetter.

And Sandy Pearlman, rock manager and producer who created the Blue Oyster Cult and changed the sound of the Clash.

Producer: Paul Waters.

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28 minutes

Luc Hoffmann

Matthew spoke to the former Director of Wetlands International, Mike Moser. 

Born 23 January 1923; died 21 July 2016 aged 93.

Sylvia Peters (pictured)

Matthew spoke to Dr Helen Wheatley, TV historian at Warwick University.

Born 26 September 1925; died 26 July 2016 aged 90.

Joe Powell

Matthew spoke to his friend and fellow stuntman, Vic Armstrong.

Born 21 March 1922; died 30 June 2016 aged 94.

William Smethurst

Matthew spoke to Mary Cutler, the longest serving writer on The Archers, and to television critic Gillian Reynolds. 

Born 10 March 1945; died 22 July 2016 aged 71.

Sandy Pearlman

Matthew spoke to Tim Sommer, music writer for the New York Observer.

Born 5 August 1943; died 26 July 2016 aged 72.


Role Contributor
Interviewed Guest Helen Wheatley
Interviewed Guest Mary Cutler
Interviewed Guest Gillian Reynolds
Interviewed Guest Tim Sommer
Interviewed Guest Vic Armstrong
Presenter Matthew Bannister
Producer Paul Waters


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