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RNIB's new film, Recording PIP interviews

The RNIB has a new film about what it's like to be partially sighted. Who's it aimed at? And we find out what equipment you must use if you want to record your PIP assessment.

What does carrying a white cane or using a guide dog actually signify? Does it say to people that you're partially sighted, or completely blind? A new film by the Royal National Institute of Blind People tries to explain to the general public what it's like to be visually impaired, and all the different varieties of sight-loss. Also, why making a recording of your benefit assessment interview is fraught with difficulties. And if you're applying for a job, when's it appropriate to disclose your eyesight problem: on the application form or in person at an interview.

Presented by Peter White
Producer Siobhann Tighe.

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