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A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day with Anna Drew.

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Fri 22 Jul 2016 05:43


Good morning.

“In the beginning was the Word,” St John tells us. And out of that word comes life: creation, birth, death, suffering, and resurrection All of human and divine history mingled together. History speaks to us of a God that communicates, who overflows with his divine love, through relationship with us.

The things that stick in the memory most about Jesus’ ministry tend to be the big miracles: raising the dead, feeding the five thousand… nature-defying episodes that are the hallmarks of a truly extraordinary life. But the thing that we find Jesus doing most is completely un-extraordinary - wherever he went, you’d be sure to find him in conversation.

Conversation is such an integral part of daily life that we don’t often think about the role it plays in our formation as individuals and communities. But I wonder what might happen if we were willing to redefine our understanding of the word ‘miracle’. Because the transformations that occur when Jesus meets people in conversation are no less extraordinary than the turning of water into wine, or of a tiny picnic into a magnificent feast.
Some of the most powerful conversations in my life have also been the simplest. Discussions that began with, “What about…?” or “Have you considered?” nevertheless went on to have massive repercussions. 

The call to value the power of conversation highly is neither a call to complexity, nor to be more intellectual in our exchanges. Rather, it is a call to follow Christ’s simple pattern of meeting with and valuing others. A call to share in the ministry of the one who is The Word.

Lord Jesus, be ever present in our small talk and our big conversations. Bless our words that they may bring you glory. Amen.