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Interest Rates; Beauty Pills; Fake Grass

Consumer affairs programme. The latest on the Bank of England decision on interest rates. And artificial grass sales are growing.

The Bank of England monetary policy committee has voted to lower interest rates to 0.25% after economic turbulence following Brexit. We ask how this decision could affect consumers.

Is the future of the beauty industry pill-shaped? According a 2015 report sales of 'nutricosmetics' or beauty pills, powers and drinks, are set to double globally by 2020. The market is now awash with supplements which claim that beauty can literally come from within and these concoctions of vitamins and minerals can have a greater anti-ageing effect than creams or lotions. Beauty journalist Becci Vallis goes shopping to report on the latest products and we ask a nutritionist and a dermatologist for their take on beauty's new obsession.

We find out how a new EU regulation is causing chaos for car hire at Geneva airport and what skiers already looking forward to the winter should be aware of.

And it might sound like a contradiction but the sales of fake grass are growing. One company is reporting sales up as much as 220% on last year. It's not cheap - artificial grass could cost you as much as £70 per square metre. Reporter Simon Hoban finds out why consumers are falling in love with a green and plastic lawn.

Producer: Rebecca Maxted
Presenter: Peter White.

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    The Bank of England have lowered UK interest rates for the first time in seven years

    Duration: 06:28


    One company that sells fake grass online have had an increase of 220% since last year

    Duration: 06:55


    Virgin Media is accused of failing disabled customers who can no longer use their service

    Duration: 05:39


    Sales of nutricosmetics are set to double from £2.3 billon to £5 billion by 2020

    Duration: 07:17


    A new car hire regulation is causing confusion for British holidaymakers

    Duration: 05:12


    The UK fashion industry is in decline for the first time in six years

    Duration: 06:15


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